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Think-Out is a brand & media agency specialized in market research and consumer studies, founded in 2004 by Jean Maxence Granier. The agency has been working for 17 years with major French media companies and international brands from various industries (luxury, food & beverage , cars, health insurance, finance and banking). Think-Out is also specialized in brand research, brand positionning, brand architecture and brand DNA.

Think-Out is a team of 9 people, based in Paris. Beside the CEO Jean-Maxence Granier and three senior consultants Bertrand Horel, Victor Laurent and Camille Mansencal, there are senior and junior consultants and freelancers among the team.

Think Out is well-known for articulating conventional methods (focus group, in-home and shopper interviews, semi-directive questionnaires, online communities, etc.) and innovative methods (design thinking, graphic recording, semiotic analysis, co-creation, ideation, naming, etc.). The agency knows how to take on huge market such as Indonesia, China, India and the United States.


Consumers are citizens

  • Qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Focus groups and loft agora groups
  • Online communities & forums
  • Semiotic analysis
  • Socio-ethno interviews (in & out of home)
  • UX & ergonomic tests
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Design Thinking
TOOLS & DeliverableS
  • Creative workshops
  • Graphic recording
  • Photos and video making
  • Prototyping / Wireframing
Insight and CONSUMER marketing research
  • Cultural and benchmark studies
  • Clustering and segmentation
  • Target definition
  • Brand Plateform
  • Semiotic analysis (ads & packaging)
area of expertise
  • Food & Beverage market
  • Luxury & Cars Market
  • Media & Digital Market
  • Dietary & Ecological transition
  • Global marketing
What is our approach to Asian markets?
  • Systematic pre-interviews before Focus Groups
  • Researcher in situ to manage fieldwork and observe Focus Groups
  • In-home interviews, with camera, and a sociological background
  • Long focus groups to have time to dive deep into the imagery of the brand
  • Reading pertinent Essays, Books, and Literature before each study


brand DNA research

The Brand DNA Study is a complete and powerful method that aims to understand and pilot the brand over several years and through all your strategic decisions (marketing, market positioning, brand platform, digital or sustainable changeover, etc...). It merges several methodologies and takes into account all the aspects of your brand (marketing, advertising, communication, design, packaging, retail, etc...).

This methodology rests on a brand theory based on the fact that the brand is considered as a being living in the public space.

In what cases can a BRAND DNA RESEARCH be used ? :

  • Positioning and re-positioning, benefits improvement
  • Advertising orientation or re-orientation, find new inputs, modernize the style, adapt to new trends
  • The brand has developped easily. Now the progression is slower : what were the reasons for its success what are the reasons of its slowing down? What does our brand stands for in consumers mind and life, how can we reinforce it , what are our ownables or possible ownables?
  • The brand is decreasing for any reasons ( identified or not): how to recover ?
  • Or we want to develop our brand which we think has bigger potentialities / or develop a newly acquired brand
  • We want to keep the lead or keep our position vs competitors or make a step forwards or increase
  • We need to extend the business, how to conquer new targets?
  • The brand is present in several countries : what should be the common values accross the countries and what are the adaptation to the local markets and cultures, can we agree on some simple common advertising rules?
  • Arrival of a new competitor or a current competitor has made a move that threatens the brand and / or modifies the market or the market rules : how to react?
  • Stretching: what is my expertise : on what kind of product is the brand credible? / not credible?
  • After crisis situation: assessment of the brand, how to reduce the gaps and provide guideline for a second life.
  • Brand architecture : the brand has launched several products and sub-brands : how to organize the portfolio ? what are the common values ? What are the specific values of each brand ? What system of name to be used?



Given that data, notably through digital context, have always a more important part in behaviours and public’s habits analysis, we believe more than ever at Think-Out that methodologies based on human sciences have their rightful place within social interactions.

We have developed an unique know-how in meeting people : the Deep Qual Research. This method is intended to put qual market researches at the center of our devices, in contact with population and their deepest and highest observations. This way of doing market researches involves a long term observation.

  • During our market research studies, we always keep in mind that people are basis of our approach
  • Our methodology in the field mixes sociology, ethnology and anthropology: in situ, our main goal is to mingle with people
  • We carry out our researches as an ethnologist would do it, immersing ourselves in people's daily life and exploring all their living spaces: the house, the room, the kitchen (i.e the fridge, cupboards)
  • The Deep Qual Research is a full immersion in the way of living of the target : living with family, going to the grocery, going out, going to dinner with them, etc...
  • In the field we take as many pictures as we can, and we realize homemade videos, very useful tools for the analysis and then illustrate a point
  • Observe, decrypt, analyse are many ways to forecast new trends, habits or future uses
  • Once the field is over, we are able to deliver inspiring documents: movies, living insights, interviews in situ



In a context under pressure from sanitary issues, online communities and the whole qual remotely tools may be particularly meaningful. At Think-Out, we are experts in online communities for over 10 years and we have developed very powerful tools in order to collect insights of consumers in optimal conditions that have already proved their worth.

We are able to conduct yearly communities, retain them and involve them with brands in order to participate in specific market research fully online.

You can activate the community whenever you want, according to your marketing decision-making, as for a Quick Win than more complete strategic decision.

If you would like to know more, contact us for a demo of the platform and our pioneering collecting tools.

Bertrand Horel - Consulting & research directoR

He has been working as an Associate Research Director at Think-Out for 10 years .

He is an expert in brands and media, and semiotic analysis. Thanks to his experience on the Indonesian market he has a good knowledge of the food & beverage sector.

He is also been a teacher at prestigious French university such as CELSA Paris Sorbonne, Ecole des Mines d'Alès and Paris Dauphine.

Before working at Think-Out, he worked as head of product at Dailymotion and Research Engineer at Orange.

Jean-Maxence Granier founder, CEO & semiotician

Jean-Maxence has worked in marketing industry for the last 25 years. As an expert of qualitative methods, he contributes to develop brand communication strategies. He has carried out numerous missions for luxury and cosmetic brands (LVMH, Dior, L'Oréal, Berluti), magazines (Le Figaro, Psychologies, Stratégies) and mass distribution while he was at SORGEM (Evian, Volvic)

Following his experience at Sorgem, he went on to create Iconoclast and then Think-Out. He combines design thinking methods and expertise in consumption marketing to advise a host of international brands. He also teaches marketing at CELSA Paris Sorbonne.

Senior market researcher

As a senior researcher, she has been working with Catherine Sfez at Brand & Nuance since 2013. Specializing in qualitative studies, she has participated in many brand DNA studies in Europe and South Asia (Indonesia, Philippines) for numerous international brands (Danone, Carlsberg, etc.). She also has experience in luxury studies with Rep’s and Co. She joined Think-Out in 2018 to aid in the International development of the company. Throughout her collaboration with Brand & Nuance she has had numerous occasions to travel to Indonesia, and has developed specified skills regarding intercultural issues and local cultural specificities and brands.

Market researcher & consulting

She is a graduate from CELSA & Paris Sorbonne and a junior market researcher. She has carried out missions for mass distribution (Carrefour, E.Leclerc), medias sector (TF1, France Télévisions, France Inter) and banks & insurance clients (Sofinco, MGEN, investment fund).

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